Privacy Policy

We, at Small Installment Loans have adopted a very strict privacy policy for safeguarding the confidentiality of our borrowers.

We show responsibility while collecting and using the borrowers' details so that no third party can cause damage to the secrecy that our borrowers enjoy on our portal.

We have an online application process for the services like the short term money loans and the really bad credit personal loans. The process requires the borrowers to furnish their personal details in the online form.

They have to provide their names, e-mail ids, contact numbers, and employment details. We use SSL technology for transporting this data to our server from the borrowers' devices.

The data is stored securely on our database. We use advanced security application for protecting the data from the unauthorized access of the online third parties.

Our cyber security team keeps updating the software regularly so that it remains in top condition to prevent any sort of security attacks by online predators.

When the borrowers apply for the really bad credit personal loans and the short term money loans, they open their personal accounts on our server. We provide them with unique login details for operating these accounts.

Apart from the login name, there is also a secret password facility that ensures fool proof protection for the accounts.

Since the knowledge about these particulars is limited to the respective borrowers only, no third party can open the accounts without taking permission from our borrowers.

We do not support selling, renting or exchanging the borrowers' details with any third party with the intention of making profits for the company.

We reveal the personal details of the borrowers to our trustworthy lenders who are as much concerned about the privacy of the borrowers as we are. By releasing the information about our borrowers, we can negotiate with the lenders better and get best loan deals for the borrowers.

Our website of Small Installment Loans is open for visitors to surf through the pages anonymously. We do not require them to provide their personal details to us. However, they do accept cookies by default during their stay on our portal.

The cookies are very helpful for us in understanding the preferences of the visitors. Though these text programs are not detrimental to the privacy of the borrowers, they can disable them if they wish.